they/it- autistic - irl vampire


idm which name you use, make something up if you really want to
I'm silly and FUNNY. I'm fucking delusional dude
got aroace and nonbinary swag in me, add every disease and illness too
I like to draw, play games n just hangout with friends. got crazy autism over buff queer men and crazy killer robot

#applyfamily #YPP #fameel #judgement #bighouse


stuff i like JJBA, ULTRAKILL, MP100, MADCOM, Don't Starve, Undertale/Deltarune, Madoka Magica

fave characters Lestat De Lioncourt, Risotto Nero, Enrico Pucci, Minos Prime, Hatsune Miku, Diluc, Dainsleif


boundaries don't vent without asking first, don't friend me without letting me now, avoid sending gross pictures man. there is a limit

do not interact fit basic dni criteria
-15 or +23
encourage/claim to have delusional attachments
I'm surrounded by crazy mfs but if you got a problem with them don't bother interacting with me

before you interact I have horrible memory, I will forget important things
I can't talk to new people well, it'll take some time for me to...Just Talk.
I rarely use tonetags, if u need them let me know
Eng is not my first language



these characters are me irl! they are not a d/a, just me. no doubles for them please

just like me FR! Joseph Joestar, Howl Pendragon, V1, Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho), and Glitchy Red